Company Profile

The Mission
CADworks Ltd. was established by two Hungarian mechanical engineers - Arpad Korosi and Jozsef Szabo. Our mission is to get the most out of the possibilities of your Pro/ENGINEER product family along with the knowledge of your engineers who are using it. Beyond the usual trainings and consultations we would like to help you in several fields.

The Team
Our colleagues are young mechanical engineers having more than 5 year Pro/ENGINEER experience. They are always looking for the best and most innovative solutions. Their competent knowledge of solid modelling is polished on several international trainings. We have lots of Hungarian references because we help to our customers since the beginning of the Hungarian introduction of Pro/ENGINEER.

CADworks Kft.
2051 Biatorbágy Szily Kálmán 12.
Tel.: (20) 989-1265, (20) 953-3141